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These Goals Leave You Speechless: Amazing Goals Ever Scored in Soccer

The wonderful game, which makes people happy everywhere, is soccer. There have been several incredible and mind-boggling goals made by numerous talented players in soccer history. Take a look at some of the most incredible goals ever kicked, headed, or bicycled into the net. Don’t think these are the only incredible goals that are made in history. Comment down other incredible goals so we can write a detailed article on those goals.

One of the greatest to ever play was Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In a 2004 game, while playing for Ajax, tall Zlatan slipped right past three defenders before kicking in a tricky goal. He moved like a stealthy big cat, despite standing at 6 foot 5 inches! Another time, playing for Sweden, he adeptly bicycle-kicked the ball behind him right into the goal without even looking! The crowd went wild.

Argentina's Diego Maradona, a footballer with pure skill performed remarkable feats of magic against England in the 1986 World Cup. He skillfully handled the ball through the entire opposing team to score a stunning sliding goal. When asked how he achieved it, he later remarked, "It was just luck." But, everyone knew that was pure talent.

If you are reading this article you are a great fan of Football. Want to see more amazing goals? Visit Goal360 to be the first to know all the football information and live news everyday. What are you waiting for to hit the link and be the first person to know about everything that is going on in the world of football. They also have a YouTube channel which i love.

Brazil has fielded many wonderfully creative players over the years. Carlos Alberto wasn't known as a high scorer, but in the 1970 World Cup final he kicked in a nice team goal to seal the win. And Roberto Carlos once made an unbelievable curving shot that bent right around the opposing players into the net. Physics professors are still trying to figure that one out!

The great Frenchman Zinedine Zidane had a knack for scoring with fancy volleys off his chest or head. In the 2002 Champions League final, he snapped a flying ball perfectly into the corner of the goal. Dennis Bergkamp of the Netherlands also scored an elegant goal when he cleverly lobbed the ball right over a defender and then knocked it home. World class talent makes it look oh so easy.

Lionel Messi the GOAT scored a goal that resembled Maradona in 2007. He did it all by himself, weaving through the entire defense and slipping the ball into the net in a carefree manner and achieving the goal. To put it into perspective, he scored an incredible 672 goals throughout his time with Barcelona.

The game of football brings people together. You have the ability to play the position of striker, midfielder, and defense all at the same time. People will keep you in their hearts forever if you play with love and intelligence. Comment down your favorite footballer.

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